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St. Mary's Little Free Pantry

The internet is full of “do-it-yourself” ideas that seem easy but turn out to be a frustrating exercise in patience. Not so however, with St. Mary’s Little Free Pantry, launched on September 10 in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

“Someone at our Sunday School teacher’s meeting saw it on the internet,” said Fr. Joseph Smith, pastor at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. “We saw it, and we did it.”

Host a Healthy Food Drive

The Coalition receives phone calls and emails each day from people who want to get involved in the fight against hunger. Most often, people look to volunteer at a local food pantry or soup kitchen. For these requests, we direct volunteers to our Food Pantry Map, which was recently updated and now includes more than 400 food pantries and soup kitchens, many of which could use volunteers to work a shift or serve a meal. 

Hurricane Relief

You have often heard us talk of our immediate, short-term and long-term relief efforts. At the moment, we can think of nowhere that needs more immediate relief than Southeastern Texas. 

If you are reading this blog post, you most likely live in our region- Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware - and care about hunger. If, like us, you are looking for a way to help,  consider making a donation to the Houston Food Bank.

Joint Statement on House Budget Resolution from the Coalition Against Hunger and Philabundance

No one should go hungry in America. Since the 1960s, there has been broad bipartisan agreement on this principal, as well as an understanding that the government has a role to play in making sure that everyone in the U.S. has enough to eat. President Nixon, in 1969, said “that hunger and malnutrition should persist in a land such as ours is embarrassing and intolerable. Has something changed?


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