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Building a Movement to End Hunger: Personal Trainer, Kem Ukogu

The winter season and socially distant COVID-19 percautions have kept us all inside for more than one year. The Coalition wanted to help #HungerFighter runners stretch and strengthen thier bodies to get ready for the for the 25th Annual Race Against Hunger, with the help of Philadelphia personal trainer, Kem Ukogu. Ukogu, began sharing his knowledge of health and fitness with others at the start of the pandemic by becoming a personal trainer. "The rate of unemployment and hunger have risen astronomically" stated Ukogu. When asked why he wanted to support the race he shared that he wanted to provide an outlet for people to strengthen their physical and mental wellness during the pandemic. "I want to be the person to help those people reach those goals".

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Run to End Hunger Workout

Warm Up

-.5 mile run

-Stair sprints

-50 push ups

-50 air squats

-50 crunches


Set 1- 4 sets

-DB Squat Curl into Press x 15


-DB Front Raise x 10


-KB Squat x 20


Set 2- 4 sets

-DB RDL into Front Squat x 15


-DB Toe Touch into Knee Raise x 10 each leg


-2 DB Rows into Deadlift x 15