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Love From Philly

“We have people here that need help, but we also have to reach outside of our community when disasters like this happen,” said Derek Felton, Community Organizer with the Coalition Against Hunger.

Today, Derek is dropping off boxes of supplies to the Red Cross destined for hurricane relief efforts in Texas and Puerto Rico. Hundreds of items were collected from the dozens of local food pantries that The Coalition supports through our Victory In Partnership or “VIP” Program.

Members of the Victory In Partnership Program

Once the hurricanes hit in August and September, many were looking for ways to help those impacted by the storms. Derek found a list of supplies that the Red Cross was looking for and immediately got to work reaching out to more than 50 food pantries and soup kitchens across the city

“It took about two weeks to collect the items, and I told the pantries that it couldn’t be food since we didn’t know how long it would take for the donations to get down there,” said Derek. “No money either. So we have boxes and boxes of toiletries, tooth brushes and other items that can really help people.”

Those donating the items are food pantry and soup kitchen coordinators, serving on the front lines in the fight against hunger in the Philadelphia area. While the need persists in our region, those who dedicate their lives to feeding their communities have a unique appreciation for the struggles that the hurricanes brought to others.

“I asked each person to bring two items to our October meeting,” said Derek. “And we had people come in with bags full of supplies! We did this for them.”

“We just want to help.”