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Share Your Experience With SNAP

We want to hear directly from individuals with experience applying for and/or getting SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits in order to understand the positives and negatives of the program, as well as hear suggestions for how it could be improved.


We are asking participants to:

  1. Participate in a short call with a member of the Coalition Against Hunger staff to go over the project. 
  2. Come to the Coalition Against Hunger’s office at 123 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA for a 1-hour pre-arranged interview about your experience with SNAP. 


Participants have the opportunity to decide whether they would like to share their story anonymously or not, as well as how they would like their interview and the insights that come from it to be used. We will go over all of this information during the initial call. As a thank you for sharing your expertise with us, we will provide all participants who come to our office for the interview with a $100 gift card. If you require childcare in order to attend the interview, we will also offer childcare reimbursement.


Interested in sharing your experience and your thoughts about the SNAP program with us? Fill out the form below.